邂逅 – 彭博香港办公室,中国 / 如恩设计

邂逅 – 彭博香港办公室,中国 / 如恩设计

从情爱设计到美妙。更多大约他们:Neri&Hu on gooood
Appreciation 走向在内心与胡 providing the following description:

普通的的事物储藏着最深的神秘的……构造规划能给朕代理什么?,因而应该是人与人之间的相干,盖印中能记载人踪影的元素,拿 … 来说,墙、门窗、阶,他们率先劈叉人类的吸进盖印,后来地选择把它们结成跟在后面。。[1]

Ordinary things contain the deepest mysteries… If anything is described by an architectural plan, it is the nature of human relationships, since the elements whose trace it records – walls, doors, windows and stairs – are employed first to divide and then selectively to 重行一致 inhabited 盖印。[1]

▽ 墙、门窗、阶隔开盖印,the space is separated by walls, windows and stair

3-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

Robin Evans(罗宾) 伊万斯)1978、门与大街(图), Doors and 驿站),本文剖析了盖印平面切中要害普通元素及其规划。,同时,多少规定盖印的运用方法。竟,全部简略的角或门窗特许市遗迹复杂的盖印。,大约这些相干决议了民众将多少运用就是这样盖印。。

Robin Evans’ 1978 essay Figures, Doors and Passages analyzes how ordinary elements of a plan and their arrangements interact and shape 占有率。 A simple corner or window opening is in fact inscribed with a complex matrix of spatial relationships that determine how a space is 运用。

10-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office


Neri&Hu’s design for Bloomberg Hong Kong’s internal office stair is in part inspired by the mundane elements of space-making – windows, passages, staircases and 级限的。 The client’s brief was to design a staircase to connect the 3 different floors of their office with the explicit rule that this stair should to be used daily as the only vertical connection within the office to encourage employee 互动。

▽ 另外的十五个人组成的橄榄球队层问询处,另外的十五个人组成的橄榄球队 floor of the office

1-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

2-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office


Part of the brief was to also create a design that would respond to the locale of Hong Kong to create a link to the larger context of the 城市。 The site is situated in the client’s existing office, within a typical office tower and surrounded by existing conference rooms, break-out areas, a recording studio and an 会所 The existing spiral staircase was sculpturally iconic but the geometry was not conducive for the daily high traffic 大块。 Our challenge was re-design a staircase that would work within the structural limitations of the knock-out panels in the floor slab, while still creating a more spacious 旅程。

▽ 新阶盖印,the new stair space

6-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

8-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

新阶盖印有效平台、内置的使就座和窗户可以捕获香港的城市看法画。拿 … 来说,木箱的受精被用来重行解说盖印方式。,着意克制不要过火使承受压力四轮折篷马车港的视野(很多香港的事业使产生效果楼都看流行四轮折篷马车港的看法画),相反,他们更多地关怀问询处战役和等等坦率的看法画。。以木尽的阶盖印与磨石子地地面混淆跟在后面。,民众沿着阶走,不同的措施的细分与吐艳,交战出人意料的的架空索。内置的巴列索尔天花板实现自自然然光的胸怀。。

The new staircase integrates elements of platforms, landings, built-in seating and strategic window framing that echo what one may find in the extremes of Hong Kong’s natural landscape and urban 地貌。 Expressed as a wooden box insertion, the staircase massing actively denies the view to Victoria Harbor (a typically sought after and framed view in Hong Kong corporate 问询处) and instead focuses on framing activity within the office while still offering curated views 出版。 Enclosed in a light ash wood massing, with exposed fine aggregate concrete treads and bronze metal railing accents, the staircase winds and turns to offer unexpected views – through windows, up double height cuts, down large voids and across to surrounding 顺序。 Recessed barrisol lighting was designed to mimic natural skylight cuts in the 天花板。

▽ 以木尽的阶盖印与磨石子地地面混淆跟在后面。,the stairs consist of light ash wood massing, exposed fine aggregate concrete and bronze metal railing accents

7-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

阶盖印贯串三层,拿 … 来说,它给每个层开价不同的的功用。,多种规划一致的通信的地板的平面。这条弯弯曲曲的旅程从25层突出的地方开端。,雕琢的洞口集合在四轮折篷马车港的看法上。,大面积稠密与战役盖印、木纤维围合建筑学上“挖”出的休憩区为这床的阶盖印捐赠了吐艳和内倾性格的战略计划。构成者的休憩区译成一任一某一内置的坐区。;与简略革新的相形,假如是这样的话,把这些休憩和了解的功用盖印一体化起来。,它们被增厚成构造空话切中要害阶盖印。。细心的人会在休憩区内一下子布告很多地剧烈的的各种细节——呆板的与铜制的面板翻开后展现插电板、一面镜子和一任一某一小盖印,当民众在在这非常上稽留时,他们可以放下他们的档案和手持机。、或咖啡粉,这些各种细节轻率的地照料日常使产生效果需求。。

Each of the three levels is designed with different functions to accommodate a diverse set of vertical 顺序。  The journey begins on the 25th floor reception, expressed as a carved niche with a window framing the harbor view 突出。 This level is designed to be the most extroverted in nature with a large event space stage for gatherings, built in benches on the perimeter as well as dedicated areas for small break-out group 座位。 The niche seating was also inspired in part by the break-out meeting pods that were displaced in the enlarged staircase scheme; rather than reinstating these as separate meeting spaces, we integrated functional seating and meeting areas into the architectural language of the 阶。 Upon closer interaction with the millwork, hidden bespoke details are revealed to the user within these seating niches – small wood and bronze panels fold out to reveal charging ports, mirrors, and functional ledges where a cup of coffee or cell phone may be placed – unexpected details in support of the ordinary rituals of daily office 居住。

休憩和稠密的功用盖印集成在阶盖印中。,seating and meeting areas are integrated into the staircase

9-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

4-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

5-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office


Continuing up to the 26th floor, different views are framed along the circulation path.  Given that the Bloomberg recording studio is located on this level along with conference rooms, the idea was to create a more introverted space to address issues of acoustic containment and visual 隐蔽处。 The mass is split into two boxes, allowing the landing to become the threshold zone that visually opens up to the harbor view along the curtain wall on one side and linked to a passage to the conference rooms on the 等等。 The visual framing also satisfied the client’s request to provide a controlled glimpse or “borrowed scene” of the activated staircase from the recording studio as a filming 安排。 In consideration of the more quiet nature of this floor, built-in seating facing the harbor view side is provided for solitary 使分心。

▽ 26台阶盖印,26th floor

18-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

15-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

▽ 可浸透盖印,the transparent space

12-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

11-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office   13-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office


On the final level of the 27th floor, the staircase opens up again to be more extroverted to bring in views of the 四周包围着的。 The massing is reduced further in scale, punctuated with larger openings and clear glass to provide expansive 异议。 A cantilevered viewing podium is designed as part of the auditorium break-out space to provide dramatic views down the multiple levels and the journey culminates in a lounge facing the harbor 检查。

▽ 大窗户和明确整形捕获更宽广的坦率的看法画。,larger openings and clear glass provide expansive views

19-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

20-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office


Through careful composition and juxtaposition, the ordinary vignettes we take for granted on a daily basis, especially in an office typology, are choreographed into a rich journey that allows for moments of chance encounters, of pause and informal 会话。

▽ 阶扶手选派,stair details

16-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office   17-Curio Stair of Encounters - Bloomberg Hong Kong Office

〔1〕伊万斯, Robin. Translations from Drawing to Building and Other 散文。London: Architectural Assoc., 2003. Print. p. 56
罗宾·埃文斯,图样到构造物和等等档案的判读员,2003,伦敦构造学术界(构造学) 公布),第五十六页

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